Taking From the Many to Benefit the Few 


WHAT WE WANT: The Falcons to Pay Their Fair Share of Local Property Taxes

Tax the Mercedes Benz Stadium



The School System is Being Shortchanged

Approximately 50% of the taxes that the Falcons should be paying would go to the Atlanta Public School System, that's $13 million PER YEAR to the school system.

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Over $1 Billion in public money to the Falcons

While it is often reported in the mainstream Atlanta media that the public is financing $200 million for construction of the new stadium, the fact is $1.2 billion or more in public money will be used during the full 30-year agreement.

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The new Stadium has generated to date over $950 million in long term advertising and sponsorship revenue to the Atlanta Falcons. (April 17, 2017 article in Sports Business Daily, p. 4).

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